Sunday, April 30, 2006

Things I'm Liking Today:

1.) Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on C-SPAN. Just now there was a panel discussion which included Robert Scheer and Scott Ritter. Although they were invited, pro-war journalists did not show up. The highpoint was towards the end when Scott Ritter had a brief moment of "Don't you get it?" exasperation. "We are going to Iran. In 2006. We're already in the run-up. It'll be like this: Baghdad to Tehran to Damascus to Riyadh." End of story.
2.) "Ben Webster For Lovers" on Napster
3.) Teeccino, a coffee substitute, with just a tablespoon of coffee.
4.) Oh, yeah, what I'm really liking to day is that this is maybe a full week of no kidney stone pain.


-C.- said...

Things I am Liking Today are:
the eerie fog bank sitting on the hill across the street from my office,
the delicious pear that one of my students brought for me,
your wonderful amaryllis photo

Scott Roeben said...

Things I'm liking today. Lists.