Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bad News/Better News

I've never had a doctor say "I'm sorry I don't have better news for you" to me until this morning. Yesterday's CAT-Scan indicated a good sized stone in the exact wrong place and it was necessary for me to see a specialist-immediately. It was possible that he would today go in (or, rather, "up") and remove the obstructing stone. It would involve general anesthesia as it would not be a pretty procedure.

After a small battery of tests the specialist could find nothing.

Maybe the stone moved, maybe there was a ghost in the CAT-Scan or maybe it was Susan's Reiki (look it up) but I left with the doctor saying he won't be doing anything, at least for now.

So now I'm home, watching a movie with Jack Carson (a personal favorite) in it. The cinematographer is James Wong Howe as it's "James Wong Howe Month" on TCM. I'm eating spaghetti, I'm drinking a tumbler of cranberry juice and listening to "Music For Films" by Brian Eno.


Scott Roeben said...

Hang in there! We're rooting for ye. Ye and yer stone. Oh, and if they remove something, please take a picture of it and post it. That's what blogs are for. Kind of.

Sparky said...

My friend Doug says you're just fakin' it.

Grace said...

If it is not painful to laugh, you can always watch pre-code comedies. How about miracle at morgan's creek? Can passing a gall stone be worse than popping out a baby or two?