Friday, April 14, 2006

The Kidney Stone Gazette

In case you haven't heard, kidney stones hurt. So unless you want something that feels like a three hour Glenn Branca concert playing throughout your midsection, be sure to drink plenty of water each and every day and go easy on spinach, nuts, chocolate, tea, bran, almonds, peanuts, and strawberries.
7:40 am (Saturday): Call me optimistic or delusional but I think I feel the stone moving. Even under the effects of two vicodin, the pain seems to be lower than before and tearing through new territory. This will be the first Saturday in months that I haven't gone out to shoot photos and that's almost as bad as the pain itself (what am I saying?). This will also be the first Saturday in two years that I won't be tutoring as my student, who wishes to remain anonymous, is now taking a painting class. This is good news as he also has had to deal with an illness, and it indicates how much progress he is making. Everything I've learned about being free of self-pity I learned from him.

2:38 am (Sunday) Can you develop a tolerance for vicodin after going through half a bottle? Or does the pain just get worse (hard to imagine) as the stone travels further down? Or am I having a lapsed Catholic psychosomatically induced Easter Sunday experience (whatever that means)?

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