Sunday, April 16, 2006

No Pain

For some reason, the vicodin started working again. Even though I was pretty sure it was pointless, I took two at about nine fifteen and it started working within minutes. Lots of drama between six and nine, although I think I was out for part of that time. I'm in a semi-euphoric state.

But I know it won't last.

***Late Breaking (and probably wildly optimistic) News***I finally remembered that Susan, an ex-girlfriend and nurse, made a casual suggestion a few days ago that Advil might help in that the kidney stone is creating an inflammation and Advil is an anti-inflammatory. I took two tablets an hour ago (noon) and have been more pain-free than I ever was from the vicodin.

4:45 pm I've been pain-free for a record breaking four and a half hours.


Deke Babamoto said...

Hang in there, friend.
Are you considering surgery?

AArtVark said...

More newsworthy than the lack of pain is the mention of the nurse! The vicodin's breaking down your barriers...

video louis said...

did you try
'pure cranberry juice'
from trader joe's
quite sour
drink alot
it will help
vicdin is just for the pain,
of course
the juice does the job

-K- said...


I'm drinking some now. A big old tumbler of it.