Sunday, April 02, 2006

At My Desk With Coffee (#7)

1.) I met this individual in East Hollywood on a Saturday morning. Having just gotten out of jail for "falling asleep on a bus", he asked for money to get back to Van Nuys; I went across the street and gave him food. As he tucked into his sausage and egg sandwich, he tried to explain the difference between being a Hollywood bum and a Van Nuys bum. He was very decidedly the latter. The next day we crossed paths on Hollywood Blvd. He's one mile west of where I left him with absolutely no memory of having met me.

2.) Altho at the moment I am listening to "Downpresser Man" by Peter Tosh, "Have Love Will Travel" is the name of the pretty great blues song on the Land Rover commercial. I learned this (indirectly) from an always amusing blog "Un Bel Niente (A Little Nothing)". (Someday I'm gonna learn the more sophisticated way of incorporating the link with the text.)

3.) Now its time to watch the very first episode of "The Sopranos" (with fettucine and walnut pesto). I've never seen it.

4.) "Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something." H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Phu said...

Fettucini and walnut pesto... that's some damn good eating.

This guy looks suspiciously clean in the photo, aside from the Captain Birdseye thing going on, are the streets of Hollywood free of the rank grime that engulfs London's bums?

Scott Roeben said...

Another great shot. Do you hire bums from Central Casting? I mean, uh, "deodorant challenged individuals"?

Phu said...

lol @ 'deodorant challenged individuals'.