Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Green Chair On Orange Tiles


amadeasworld said...

What a coincidence that the colours of the stair case handle (that's the wrong word, can't think of the right one).
I think of Edward's Hopper Solitude when looking at that photo.
By the way, I would like to have that pesto-recipe. I could give one back if you like.

Scott Roeben said...

Where did you get this eye for composition?

-K- said...

Coming up with the titles - that's the hard part.

-K- said...

Amadea - The pesto lasagna recipe is to simply layer in the pesto between the noodles, sauce and ricotta.


amadeasworld said...

I found a pesto recipe in one of my cookery books. have not tried it so far. we do not have fresh basil here in winter.
but one could try the pesto you can buy in glasses.

2 aubergines
2 pieces of mozzarella
200 ml tomatosauce
300 ml oil
fresh basil for garnishing
80 grams basil
50 grams parmesan cheese
100 ml olive oil
1 spoon pine nuts
½ glove of garlic

mix all pesto ingredients in the grinder.
Cut the aubergine into pieces and fry them (the recipe says peanut-oil)
Cut the mozzarella in pieces
Then put aubergines, tomato sauce, pesto, mozzarella into a casserole…again and again…
Bake for 3 minutes in the oven.
Garnish with basil and tomato

AArtVark said...

You moved the chair, didn't you...

ironictwist said...

Ook, it is me.
With a new name.
The blogcounter caused problems with my computer and I could not get rid of it anymore.
So I deleted my blog.
How ironic.

amadea's world said...

what about the title "cher left" ?

Anonymous said...

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