Thursday, January 05, 2006

Asthma Vapineze

Quote of the Night: "If you don't care where you are, then you aren't lost."
- Unknown
Song of the Night: "London Calling"
- The Clash
Meal of the Night: Pasta with seafood


Scott Roeben said...

I do like that "London Calling" song. They used it in "Billy Elliot."

AArtVark said...

Wasn't this picture in color earlier today?

amadea's world said...

Quote of the night
"You have been sitting on this computer too long, you might need the lavatory"

Song of the night
"Ironic Twist"
-Jimmie Vaughan-

Meal of the Night
Cheese and bread

And I am back
And I got my old name again.
And my blog.
And no webcounter anymore.

Anonymous said...

we would love to know, if you may, what the words refer to in this photograph. we know it is a sign on fairfax and were also struck by its beauty but we are stumped as to what is means or what it is.
marguerite and chris

LS said...

Has anyone ever knocked on the door of "Asthma Vapineze"????
What IS it????

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's somehting gang related. Like a meeting house for gangs. They have a fairly large gate on the outside and a sign saying the place is under surveillance so it may be something like that.