Friday, November 25, 2005

At My Desk With Coffee (#4)

1.) "Scarface". I've never seen it but its on Bravo right now...chainsaw scene...a bit hard to take. Let's go with "Napoleon Dynamite", especially after an afternoon of reading "Assassin's Gate." If there was any serious commitment to the political and economic reconstruction of Iraq, George Packard (who described himself as formerly being pro-war) did not see it in any of his trips there.
2.) I was up taking photos early this morning and saw a lost dog wandering in the middle of the intersection of Doheny and Santa Monica Blvd. Wait - that was no dog - that was a coyote. I tried to get a photo but it went trotting off to the west in the eastbound lane of Santa Monica Blvd. So I turned around and took the above photo. (Does it look familiar?)
3.) Buy a mason jar, buy cheesecloth and buy a selection of seeds - alfalfa, mung, lentil and wheatberry. Soak them overnight, drain them and seal them in the mason jar with the cloth. Keep them in the dark. Rinse them twice a day. In about 72 hours you'll have something edible and oh-so healthy. [But don't get the wrong idea. Right now I've got more chicken in the slow cooker with more BBQ sauce and apricot preserves mixed in. ]
4.) Lay on your back on the floor. Hold an 8 lb. handweight in each hand, arms stretched above your head. Lift the weights up off the floor. You'll feel your stomach muscles working and this is not a bad thing.
5.) "Napoleon Dynamite" - I can see why it was so popular. The ending, beginning with Napoleon's dance, was so upbeat, almost sweet, and preceding it was a 'Wes Anderson in the Midwest and on a very low budget' story. For some strange reason it's left me with the desire to see "Raising Arizona."
6.) Prior to the war, the White House estimated that $2.5 billion would be needed to rebuild Iraq's infrastucture. Today, it is past the $200 billion mark.


Scott Roeben said...

Great photo! It is difficult to imagine a billion of anything, much less dozens or hundreds of billions of dollars. I think in time we'll discover it was a great investment. Planting a seed ain't cheap.

AArtVark said...

Great investment for the rich to get richer - don't forget the embezzlers that were put in charge of doling out the money...

Meanwhile in Arkansas Pa's figuring out what other vocation he can take up now that he's only got one working arm and the company he used to work for won't give him early retirement... His kid's suffering from PTSD after he shot some kid...

Yeah - It ain't cheap investing in the fantasies of the rich and politically warped.

Also, one should try wrapping their heads around the millions of billions because it's tax payer money that isn't going into America. This ain't no privately funded war, even though those running it are acting like it is.

sakura56 said...

Wao! very beautiful.