Saturday, November 12, 2005

Peanut Butter Machine At Farmers Market

Yesterday, for no reason whatsoever, I took this picture of the Farmers Market peanut butter machine. This evening Caroline told me this is the same machine that she remembers from more than thirty years ago when she and her father would wait for Denise and her mom to return from Denise's doctors appointments.

You never know where your next blog entry will come from.


Scott Roeben said...

You know, they have jars of peanutbutter in grocery stores. You can just walk in and buy them. I'm just saying.

Santos said...

i'm sad that the horseradish machine with the kicking mule is gone.

CoralPoetry said...


So peanut butter really does come from live peanuts?


Anonymous said...

Yes, they do sell jars of peanut butter in stores. Yes, you can just walk in and buy them. Unfortunately, some of us have dietary requirements which knock commercial peanut butter out of consideration (diabetes, particularly, since commercial peanut butter is about 40% corn sweetner).

Yes, peanut butter really does come from live peanuts (and it don't have no butter neither!). You can make it easily in a food processor. Just pour the peanuts in (dry roasted works best) and spin them with the knife blade. Three minutes later peanut butter ... want crunchy? Don't process it so long. Want smooth? let 'er run.

Get in touch with the food you eat. It's bad to believe that milk comes from a plastic jug and not from cows or goats!

Anonymous said...

is this machine available in the uk and do you know what brand it is?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what brand of machine this is?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what kind of machine this is?

-K- said...

I photographed this machine at Magees, here in Los Angeles.

Here is their website. You can send them an e-mail.

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unbrako distributors said...

I have no idea that the machine can be this big. Looking at it, I am very tempted to squat there with a spoon in hand.

cement mixer said...

So this is how they make peanut butter at the At Farmers Market. At least you know it is fresh.