Saturday, November 05, 2005

At My Desk With Coffee (#3)

_x_ Take early morning photos on Sunset
_x_ plant carrots
_x_ laundry and vacuum
_x_ read John Ashbery article in New Yorker
__ post office
_x_ tutor
__ figure out this damn cell phone

Okay, now I've got about 80 Danver Half Long carrot seeds planted on the roof. They should sprout within 3 weeks (around Thanksgiving; mark your calendars) and be ready to eat in 60 to 80 days. It feels good to be planting something again.

For tomorrow, roasted chicken with maple syrup and sweet potatoes.


lmrs said...

I had delicious roasted chicken yesterday too, Kev. I loosened the skin on the breast and rubbed the inside with butter, sage & thyme. Served with roasted potatoes & carrots, and a yummy stuffing with apples. And apple crisp with vanilla ice cream too. YUM.

I will make soup with the leftovers for later this week. Delicious and frugal, that's me.

AArtVark said...

Cell phone? WHA?!?

frank's wild lunch said...

That Ashbery article was lovely, wasn't it? Thanks for your comment; I'm a big fan of the NY School, particularly O'Hara and Schuyler. I always found Ashbery's to be the more difficult, but the article gave nice insights....