Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sunday Under Grand Street

At this point, I don't quite remember what I had in mind when I started The Jimson Weed Gazette but I don't think it included ending up underneath Grand Street at nine o'clock on a Sunday morning. In the past two months I've taken myself to places in L.A. - Alvardao Terrace and Echo Park and Little Tokyo to name a few - that I would not have gone to in order to find photos for The J-Weed . To see close-up what a diverse place Los Angeles is has really renewed my appreciation for everything that's here.

Did I forget to mention that John Houston is another director that makes better movies than Hitchcock?Are any of Hitchcock's characters in any of his movies as vivid as what I'm now seeing in "The Asphalt Jungle"? Twenty minutes into it and everyone is stepping into or out of the shadows and ready to betray everyone else to get the girl, to get the jewels or, in Sterling Hayden's case, to get back home to Kentucky. Next time you're tired of watching a blond-woman-in-distress movie, watch this movie if only for the cinematography.

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Scott Roeben said...

I thought you started your blog so you could link to Dribbleglass.com and thereby increase my search rankings in Google. No? Well, I'm glad you've discovered some OTHER reasons for having a blog, too.