Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Ambassador Hotel Is Coming Down

On the night of June 5, 1993 a friend and I went to the Ambassador Hotel to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Robert Kennedy's assassination. We brought Mexican candles and even thought to bring a lighter along to keep them going.

And we were the only ones there.

Off to the side there was an LAPD K9 unit training German Shepherds to attack heavily bundled figures, savagely clamping down on their arms and sometimes succeeding in dragging them to the ground.

As I recall, we lit our candles, there may have been a few others burning as well a some bouquets from others who didn't stay, but the anniversary of the man whose death had just as much political and social impact as his brother's, was clearly a non-event.

Then a policeman walked by with a bucket and a hose. A cat had crawled into the engine of his squad car and he had to hose out the remains.


AArtVark said...

My birthday is June 5th...

Basketball Is Life said...

that's awesome! i love going to commemorative events when i'm the only one there.