Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas in L.A.

It's Christmas Eve and I'm not doing anything until tonight. Between now and then there will be errands and chores (haircut, laundry, cat to the groomers) and I'll read my book, "Will In The World", which is getting to be another kind of chore. I got up early to take some photographs but my back is sore and I don't know why. I just turned off an incredibly disappointing Henry Rollins documenatary. Many years ago he wrote several vivid, angry, articulate and observant books about his travels, his music, as well as his grief about his best friend dying in a holdup. Now its all about driving in LA and what a hassle it is to fly. The sight of Henry Rollins performing in a dinner club with so many "Reserved" placards on the the front row tables is just pathetic.

But I'm looking forward to tonight. An organization called Food On Foot will be passing out sandwiches on Hollywood Blvd. until midnight. I'm tempted to take photos but that might be a bit intrusive.

[I guess my idea now is to keep coming back to this entry during the course of the day to give a little cross-section of Christmas Eve 2005.]

What is it about John Wayne that prompted AMC to have a day-long John Wayne festival on Christmas Eve?

A few days ago I saw a recipe for pesto lasagna. How hard can that be?
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AArtVark said...

Funny - Henry used to do readings at Moby Disc (now defunct record store across from the Topanga Mall) in the West Valley in the early 90's - a couple years ago there was a special on Comedy Central featuring Henry... He was doing what could only be called a standup comedy routine in some English club, and I kid you not, was talking about slamming a toilet seat on his member. Keith Morris was cooler anyhow.

amadeasworld said...

Out of hundred photos there is only one good one. Well, from my experience.
And the really good ones are extremely rare.
And you need to be lucky.

The photo with the number 1 on it is beautiful. I like the colours. Looks as if taken in the early morning.

The wonderful thing about photography is that one remembers the feeling, the atmosphere, everything - when taking the photo and when you look at it, it all comes back