Sunday, December 11, 2005

More Than You Need To Know

An overall sense of pre-Christmas anxiety this afternoon made me decide to stop everything for a few hours. From two until six - no television, no music and no computer. Any other activity would be allowed as long as it was quiet and given my full attention. In no particular order I read Friday's New York Times, last week's New York Observer, the current issue of Sun magazine, subscribed to a year of Sun, shaved, wrote and mailed several Christmas cards (if you're reading The J-Weed on a regular basis, you're probably going to be getting one by the end of the week), exercised (see part 4 of my November 25th entry), watered my carrots and parsnips (both coming along nicely), walked to the super market, tried to take close-up photographs of flowers in the neighborhood (unsuccessful), did two loads of laundry, threw several pieces of chicken with a new BBQ sauce ("Sweet Uncle Rays") into the slow cooker, read some of "Hand Carved Coffins" by Truman Capote, took out the trash, changed the kitty litter, drank green tea, vacuumed and exercised some more.

Actually, the momentum of it all carried me way past six and left me feeling calm and with quite a lot of satisfaction about getting it all done.

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Scott Roeben said...

I was wondering how I would deal with my holiday anxiety, but I feel better now. Thanks.