Friday, September 30, 2005

Webster Has Some Questions For You

1.) Why don't you listen to Fats Waller more often? You know how happy he makes you.
2.) What could be easier than taking a half teaspoon of Spanish Bee Pollen everyday?
3.) When was the last time you watched "On The Waterfront"?
4.) Or "Sweet Smell of Success"?
5.) You have pocket fours and you're first to act (under the gun). Do you raise or fold?

Get back to me.


-C.- said...

Dear Webster,

Answer to #5:
Raise - absolutely...
You can't play not to win.

(And when was the last time your roommate watched "His Gal Friday"?)

Margo and Julian send their respects-

AArtVark said...

Amazing how much you and your cat look alike...

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