Saturday, September 24, 2005

At My Desk With Coffee

_X_ Buy NY Times and read McManus' poker column
_X_ Haircut [Sunday]
_X_ Buy shoes
_X_ Buy corduroy jacket [Monday noon]
___ Add Flickr to side bar (possible?)
___ Tutor [cancelled]
_X_ Little Italy Festival (photo op?)
_X_ Apple bread pudding at Famina
_X_ Pay parking ticket & write a FU letter to Culver City [Monday midnight]

Possible: meditate; laundry; go to Doug's [done]; Caesar salad with cheese tortelinni [done]; watch "The Misfits" and write a blog entry about it. (as of 10:55 pm)

Favorite classic radio song (at least for today): California Dreamin' by the Momma & Pappas


Scott Roeben said...

I didn't see "plant something" on that list. Very disappointing.

AArtVark said...

Does the jacket have patches in the elbow?