Sunday, September 18, 2005

I'm Gonna Be Up For A While

It's Emmy night here in Los Angeles and my part of town is jammed with limos and blockaded streets.

But most annoying are the helicopters taking news crews and maybe even tv superstars from place to another. Its not as bad as Oscar time but I know it'll be a while before they stop flying overhead. I just looked at the local news and the special Emmy drink is a martini with flakes of gold in it. This is more annoying than a dozen helicopters.

I've already looked at the photos I took at Farmers Market (Hollywood & Vine) this morning and they're all awful so nothing from there will be posted.

So I'll write up what I have about the Christopher Hitchens debate with George Galloway, courtesy of CSPAN Books. On the other hand, "Bullit" just started on TCM and this changes everything.

[The Gentle Side of John Coltrane]


-C.- said...

What's annoying about the martini is not the gold flakes, but that someone thought it was newsworthy. I am astounded that while hundreds of flood victims are waiting on any any news from family members, journalists are filing stories on red carpet hemline trends... (modern bias or romantic frills - which is better? more on this controversy at 11:00...)

Scott Roeben said...

Moving away from L.A. completely changed my relationship with the Emmys, and the Oscars, for that matter. I missed the Emmys entirely, and didn't miss a thing. Phew. What a weight is lifted. No feeling inferior. No feeling like I'm not talented enough. No feeling angry about all the accolades for truly mediocre work. Deep, relaxed sigh.