Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Joshua Tree Inn

Yes, after spending an unscheduled hour on the backstreets of Banning with Fred, I made it to The Joshua Tree Inn on the (I believe) 32nd anniversary of the death of Gram Parsons. I briefly spoke with the desk clerk and presumed proprietor of the inn, whose interest in anything, Gram Parsons or otherwise, seemed to be nil. At any rate, there were no stoner musicians, no rockabilly tourists from Japan, no other death-freak pilgrims to pay their respects to guy who wrote a large handful of beautiful and very influential songs so I got in my car and drove on to Joshua Tree National Park, the west entrance to which is just a half mile east of the inn.

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Whisper and/or Echo said...

"...Once I Knew a young man - Went driving through the night - Miles and miles without a word - With just his high-beam lights..."
"...Another young man safely strummed - his silver stringed guitar - And he played to people everywhere - Some say he was a star - But he was just a country boy, - his simple songs confess - And the music that was in him, - so very few posess..."

How sad you drove all that way & no one was aware...