Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Los Feliz Fire

I surreptitiously made my way up some side streets above Los Feliz until I came to Vermont. It was very dark due to the power outage although the smoke was bad only when the wind would change. Contrary to what I later heard an AM radio guy say, there wasn't "pandemonium", cars were of course leaving but there was no panic or drama. The worse part was when an ambulance came down the hill with sirens and lights at full force. Fire trucks would go up the street and later came down, headed somewhere else. At one point the silhouette of the fire was on both sides of me with the fire itself dead ahead.


CoralPoetry said...
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CoralPoetry said...


I watched this on the news today. They said it is the worst fire in L.A. since 1961 but, according to the Fire Officers, it is slowly, slowly coming under control.

K, keep safe and alert.

Kind regards,

JJB said...

I added a link to you -- hope you don't mind. I like your photos.

Anonymous said...

Scary photo -- and VERY awesome!

frank's wild lunch said...

Great pic.