Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wheatgrass Juice

It may or may not be a detoxifier or a cancer-killer but it is a complete food, with 90 different minerals, 19 amino acids, all the B vitamins, plus C, E and K. 'More iron than spinach, more protein than meat.' And the slice of orange knocks out the bitter aftertaste. I drank two ounces at ten o'clock this morning.

And that was the last non-lazy thing I did all day.

(Not true. I did laundry, went to Trader Joes and the Post Office, made BBQ chicken in my crockpot, watered my tomato plants, got my taxes straightened out (screwed up by H&R Block) and made a big pitcher of green tea because its 100 goddam degrees in Los Angeles today.)

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AArtVark said...

Ah... Bennie juice!