Saturday, July 01, 2006

My 15 Gigabytes Of Fame

Yesterday The Jimson Weed Gazette was chosen to be profiled on KNBC News Digital as an example of what blogging in LA is all about. It consisted of a live (live) telephone interview with "House At Midnight" as an example of my work and, by extension, what a blog is capable of. Although I haven't seen it yet (does KNBC Digital turn itself off on the weekends?), my friends tell me I'm wise, witty and wonderful, incorporating many salient points, both personal and universal, regarding the past, present and future of blogging in Los Angeles. How I managed this in a thirty second interview is beyond me.


Scott Roeben said...

I'm SO frustrated that they haven't updated their archive so we can listen to this!

Sabrina_C said...

I have been blogging for five years and have accomplished no such thing--i am jealous in so many ways it is not even funny.

Debi said...

I did a search on your blog to see when you changed names, but instead found this old post.

I would love to see that interview!

I love your wit: 15 Gigabytes of Fame.

Anonymous said...

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