Tuesday, October 18, 2005

No Reason Not To

(The only reason I'm writing this is that the movies on TCM tonight are so god-awful.)

As far as I can tell, there's no reason not to drink apple cider vinegar. Even tho there's nothing definitive from the FDA, and probably never will be, its said to be potent detoxifier as well as rich in potassium. But most of all, the cleansing properties of apple cider vinegar will ward off kidney stones, which means I should drink the stuff by the gallon.

And then there's bee pollen. Again, there's nothing that can be documented regarding the many claims that it strengthens the physical body as well as the immune system. However, what can be confirmed is that it, like the wheatgrass juice I wrote about last month, is extremely rich in vitamins and contains nearly all the known minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

I admit that I like the old-timey, semi-crackpot theories about health. Besides having (perhaps) some fundamental validity, especially in regards to prevention, they entertain me and give me a sense of being connected to a way of life that continues to thrive just under the surface of Los Angeles (and everywhere) in the 21st Century.

And Another Thing: "Walt Whitman's America" by David Reynolds. Its subtitle is "A Cultural Biography" and this is what makes it so good. Everything that was happening to America in the middle of the 19th Century found its way into "Leaves of Grass." Photography, women's rights, Swedenborgianism, the geography of rural Long Island and of course New York City and the Civil War, he wrote about them all as they were happening.


I now realize I missed tonight's "Celebrity Poker" but that I'm not bothered by not seeing it. As much as I enjoy watching any poker game, a big part of the appeal is watching the professionals play. I love their individual and widely varied strategies, their personalities, their camaraderie mixed with intensely competitive natures, even the way they dress, which with the exception of Johnny Chan, ranges from bland to stupefyingly bland.

Everything that I had to write about tonight has been about subjects at least one hundred years old. I wonder what this means....

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Scott Roeben said...

I was watching "Celebrity Poker" at the exact moment I read your blog entry. I wonder what that means. Note from the show: Bobby Flay is a dandy. And perhaps even worse than that, he was the first one eliminated.