Thursday, April 10, 2008

L.A. River


Tore Claesson said...

amazing picture.
this is the kind of stuff we just kind of pass by now and then. and as a frozen moment it's so powerful. Graphic. Beautiful ugliness.

spacedlaw said...

I don't go much for the river but the sky is dramatic.

Kong Qui said...

Amazing photo. Last month I rode in the L.A. Marathon Bike Tour and had a very similar view of the L.A. "River." It didn't seem as beautiful in my moment. This is a fantastic photo. Good eye.

Thanks for checking me out. I will be looking in on you now.

Debi said...

This photo is exactly what I think Annie Dillard's quote referred to. An example of "your own astonishment."

I've not been commenting the past few months, but I had been watching. You are a photographer to watch. When the show or book comes out, this photo should be in it.

And I'll be in line.