Friday, November 24, 2006

Guitarist and Writer (3rd & Fairfax)

Rest in Peace, Anita O'Day. (Who would have thought she'd make it to 2006?)

At the moment I'm listening to her Verve compilation (via Napster). Followed by Blossom Dearie Sings Comden And Green. Its the first time I've ever really listened to Comden and Green and I like how they blend world-weary sophistication with the just plain sweet and romantic. (Yes, I know that Betty Comden also passed away this weekend.)

Okay, now its late Sunday afternoon...Trying to feel like I've not wasted the past four days, I've cleaned the bejesus out of this apartment, planted 24 snow peas, installed (somehow) an external hard drive and am now watching Nothing Sacred, starring Frederick March and Carol Lombard but, most importantly, written by Ben Hecht. It's a screwball comedy but the tone is not unlike a Comden and Green song.

Tonight's Meal - chicken baked with bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese with rosemary potatoes. Totally delicious.

New P and G White Laundry Soap

Because of the conditions caused by the war, we are producing it in place of P and G The White Naphtha Soap. P and G's many friends will find this new soap as safe for washable colors as ever, and still easier on hands. It has all the cleansing power which has made P and G the largest-selling bar soap in the world.

You'll like it for laundry, dishes and cleaning!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Political Statement?

I'm not sure but I think this person is making a political statement about mindless consumerism at a time when the U.S. should have much more important things to think about.

(If you're reading this from outside southern California, you might not understand that he/she is entering "The Grove", LA's newest open-air mall, from The Farmers Market, one of LA's oldest and quaintest shopping areas. Its an interesting juxtaposition under any circumstances.)

By the way, I haven't seen anything anywhere that acknowledges today as the 43rd anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh, Sweet Irony Of Life

Last night I ordered a super-duper external hard drive from Amazon. A few hours later my computer crashed BAD with a corrupted hard drive.

I just heard from my computer shop - everything can be saved, including my photos, most but not all, I had saved to cds. (Do I need to remind you what should be done with your important documents and photos?)

So it seems likely that TJWG will experience its 20,000th hit while my computer lies on a dark lonely shelf in a West Hollywood repair shop.

As for me, this will be a boxing noir weekend - The Set-Up, Body and Soul and The Harder They Fall.