Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Do I Have Any Technical Skills Whatsoever?

No, I do not.

A week ago I had, but have since lost, the ability to post photos. This evening, after two hours of crossing & uncrossing wires, installing multi-hued ink cartridges, I have a printer/scanner with, ironically enough, a "Head Alignment" problem.

The only thing I can operate is a keyboard, so until further notice, I'm returning to a text-only blog. Yes, this definitely is a setback in regards to my goal of getting "The Jimson Weed Gazette" listed on LA Blog but sometimes wit & perseverance triumph over fancy-schamcy digitally uploaded pictographs.

Is there a tv show I enjoy more than "Rescue Me"?

No, there is not.

1 comment:

Scott Roeben said...

This is a happy turn of events! It's best that you not fall prey to all the distractions, anyway. Just do words until you're comfortable with the rest...we'll wait.