Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Election Day (L.A. City Hall)

"Anyone who thinks the Democrats are a lock to win in November has somehow forgotten about Karl Rove, the right-wing radio network, the hanging chads of 2000, the Swift boat debacle, the intimidation of black voters in Florida, the long lines of Democratic voters standing forlornly in Ohio, and so on."

Bob Herbert
New York Times
February 2, 2008


Henry said...

Amen to that. No one can ignore how the neocons have already gotten their talons into McCain, forcing him to renounce any reasonable assertions he has made in the past. McCain = tool. Their success will also be facilitated by three simple words: Barack Hussein Obama.

And, nice photo.

T said...

hear, hear.

amadea's world said...

Great photo, K. We hear a lot about the U.S. elections on TV. A mystery for me - these pre-elections. And the Super Tuesday too.