Sunday, January 07, 2007

Exact Center of L.A.?

I was out hiking yesterday in Franklin Canyon (trying to find some less grim photos for the J-Weed) when I came across the above plaque embedded in a small slab of cement. I hope its legible but it seems to say that it marks the exact center of Los Angeles, complete with longitude and latitude. If this is true, the quaint wooden bridge is about fifty feet from the center of the city of Los Angeles. I have no idea of this true but it certainly helps me to think of "LA" a little differently.


Tim McGarry said...

Great shot! Franklin Canyon is wonderful. You can almost forget you're in the middle of a megalopolis.

Scott Roeben said...

Well, that's ALMOST the exact center. The exact center of L.A. is a bit to the left of that plaque. Because, as you know, everything in L.A. leans a bit to the left.

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