Sunday, December 17, 2006

Winter in L.A. (2)

Still sick.

Quote of the Night: It’s about narcissism... So much of what is done on the web is people getting on there and writing their diaries as though everyone ought to care about every one's inner turmoils. I mean it’s extraordinary...
George Will


Linc Castricone said...

This is gorgeous!

amadea's world said...

Get well soon!

I also have a cold. I thought because of the snow and the cold.
I would love to feel the warmth and the sun now.

I think, we mainly write for ourselves. Our blog will probably live longer than ourselves.
So we leave a trace behind, at least a tiny one :-)

I love the recent photos, esp. the latest ones. And I like the way you use the light and darkness.

Lally said...

I prefer this quote from Kerouac: "I would like everybody in the world to tell his full life confession and tell it HIS OWN WAY and then we'd have something to read in our old age, instead of the hesitations and cavilings of 'men of letters' with blear faces who only alter words that the Angel brought them..." —from a letter to Don Allen in the Fall of 1957

Bliss said...

A wise quote, Lally, even though I don't fancy Kerouac much.

The Misanthrope said...

So much of what George Will does is write his opinion as though everyone ought to care about it.