Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rosslyn Hotel (Historic Core)

Built in 1913 with the annex added in 1923. Located at Fifth and Main, its on the eastern edge of what's called the "Historic Core", an area of Los Angeles that appears to have thrived in the late 19th and early 20th Century.

Note that while the Historic Core is beginning to gentrify, this is not an area to explore at night or with kids.


Bert Green said...

Nice photos of the Rossyln. I live in a loft in the north building and work in the other building in the ground floor gallery.

For a complete history, go to

I do take exception with your comment about exploring the area at night. It is perfectly safe here. The perception of danger might come about by the sense that the area is not yet fully utilized at night ( a lot of stuttered storefronts, etc) but the crime rate here is lower than most other Los Angeles neighborhoods.

The area east of Los Angeles Street is known as skid row, so you might want to avoid that at night, but the streets main, Spring and Broadway are the true heart of the Historic Core, and should be explored by the people of this city. It is our heritage.

B2 said...

The great thing about working in Downtown LA, as I do, is taking lunchtime walks through the older parts... seeing the old hotels and theaters, walking along Broadway. These are nice shots a a record of what once was.

Anonymous said...

I did a night shoot at the Rosslyn hotel many years ago. While hauling equipment up a shared elevator with the tenants, I witnessed people shooting up, having sex, defacating in the corner and sleeping. Someone actually pissed through a 4th story window down onto us lowly PA's guarding the equipment in the alley. It's quite a happening place. This was around 1986.