Sunday, October 08, 2006


Good News: I finally started exercising again.
Bad News: It resulted in some painful sciatica.
Good News: Advil made it go away.

Good News: I got a Reiki treament.
Bad News: After the Reiki I felt so relaxed I didn't have coffee which gave me a caffeine withdrawl headache.
Good News: Advil made it go away.

Stop the Presses! Christopher Hitchens critizes something about the Iraq war in Slate. He can backpedal as much as he wants but he still backed the wrong guy to fight the wrong war.

I never took the Amish seriously until the other day when so many of them showed up to the funeral of the man who shot five of their daughters. When asked why, one farmer explained, "Forgiveness."

Please stop calling it The Internets.


Scott Roeben said...

I was with you right up until you make that crack about the Internets!

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