Sunday, September 17, 2006

I Wasn't Where I Thought I Was

I went downtown to see the Banksy exhibit but got sidetracked taking pictures and just never found the damn thing. And that's just as well; it sounded like it was going to be a "scene". At one point I did stumble into an event with lots of Mexican ompah, ompah music coming from what looked to be a nearly abandonded building. When I turned the corner, however, I didn't find a mass of art-lovers listening to irony-laden multi-cultural tunes. No, I was the only guy who wasn't wearing a white straw cowboy hat and a shirt with extra-wide stripes. I meandered back home via Washington and Venice then north up Motor to Cheviot Hills where I took the above shot. (So calm, so serene...)


Scott Roeben said...

Gorgeous! And I don't care how gay that sounds.

amadea's world said...

Wonderful photo! I like the green-orange contrast.
Scott, what is a gay sound??