Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Win A Shiny New Dime!

Be the Jimson Weed's 10,000th visitor* and win this shiny new dime.

Meantime, let's put on Horace Silver ("Retrospective") and have some seafood pasta with garlic butter.

Thursday a.m. - As many a careful reader has pointed out, The J-Weed has already passed the 10,000 mark. How I received 175 hits/visitors/readers in twelve hours (it usually takes days) was briefly a mystery to me. But last night it was again mentioned in LA Observed ("A Piece of History") which I guess accounts for the upsurge.

The shiny new dime has been placed in escrow.

* Yes, its been explained to me that this will be ten thousand "hits", not "visitors" but I just don't care.


SaintMartha said...

"Be nice to your wife...if you have one." For some reason this quote made me laugh out loud. I don't why, it's so charmingly honest and yet eccentric.

Lovely, lovely photos. Really.

SaintMartha said...

Actually I just realised that I might win the dime. I sure do hope so...gosh, all the things I could do with a shiny new dime. I could buy a brand new pair of rollerskates! Or I could move to France and buy new underpants.

Actually I was perusing with leisure your photographs and found your bout with kidney stones. I have the solution--honest--drink pickle juice...and I do not live in Alabama and eat mud.

AArtVark said...

That dime looks like it's floating in the air! You're a regular David Blaine...