Monday, May 29, 2006

Parking Lot In The San Fernando Valley

Last night a strong wind knocked over my tripod and broke the camera that took this photo*. I don't know how soon I can get it fixed or replaced so the quality and subject matter on the J-Weed might be up for grabs.

Could this be true? 2.5 percent of U.S. income goes to charitable giving today. During the Great Depression, that number was 2.9 percent.

*I think it looks better in a larger format; click on to it to make it bigger.

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Sabrina_C said...

Well, I got piss drunk at Renee's in Santa Monica. Then I got it in my head to go to the beach. So I invited all these guys with--and my friends and myself got more booze and went to the beach. Then when I couldn't even stand and I was totally drowning. Someone dragged me out and told me to go back to the car. Being that I was naked, I decided to run back to the car and I ate shit and now my ankle is the size of a casaba melon.