Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just Back From Missoula, Montana

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Scott Roeben said...

Another great one, Kevin! We may have to get you a portfolio Web site at some point. If you come across photography sites you like, bookmark them so we have some to refer to when we get to that point..

amadea's world said...

How do you feel when you take a pic like that?
I remember seeing a tramp sitting under a tree with his friend and their friend, the bottle. It would have been a great motif for a photo, but I did not dare taking a pic or even ask. How do you handle such a situation?
I would feel guilty and like a voyeur.

-K- said...

I have a few rules for myself when it comes to taking photos of tramps (and I don't do it very often because of the voyueristic aspect). First, I don't sneak photos at all; its all done with their permission. I've worked with a lot of homeless people in the past several years in various ways so I have some intuition about what kind of person will say yes. Also, I carry chocolate with me and sometimes cigarettes. In some neighborhoods I get approached for money which I don't want to give them regardless of my wanting to take their picture. I've also learned that some of these people are very lonely and sometimes a little interesting. A little conversation, sometimes a suggestion to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, some food and they have no problem with me taking a few pictures. So I guess its: permission, intuiton, conversation and nutrition.