Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Yes, I'm going to get my free cup of Starbucks but, goddam, people got shot, beaten and blown up to make this day happen.


spacedlaw said...

And they still do in some other countries...

AArtVark said...

Forget about it. Voting is just a means to the ends of a free cup of coffee. Why worry?... Maybe the corporations sponsoring the two party system can figure out a way to make voting easy by having people register their vote through making a purchase of some sort of trivial item... I bet more people would "vote".

Ken of Mac said...

the best post I have seen post election. you nailed it.

Petrea said...

Today I saw a photo of Martin Luther King Jr.'s sister hearing the news of Obama's win. Seeing John Lewis on MSNBC last night brought home how far we've come in my short lifetime. (Oh, still far to go, but let us bask and glow for a few days!)

My mother, a writer, wrote one of her best poems in late 1963. It was about sending her (white) daughters to church and knowing she didn't have to fear for our safety. I don't remember the whole thing, but the last line was "Let the little children come unto Me; we don't live in Birmingham."

I've thought a lot about my parents these past few days. I wish they could have seen this.

Mary Kathleen O'Looney said...

Three "yoots" in Mississippi burning.

Now that we are all voting, maybe we should all learn how to vote more effectively.

The civil rights cause implicit in Prop 8 has been defeated by the Yes vote. Yes, to add to our state constitution an exclusion based on sex.

I think people were confused by what a Yes vote meant. I couldn't even get it straight. I thought yes by default would mean Yes to gay marriage--and that's exactly what the pro 8 lobby was hoping for.

It should have been NO to amending the constitution to exclude people based on sex. Now we have written in sex discrimination.