Wednesday, October 01, 2008

California Sunlight


ken mac said...

man, this is absract. it takes on different views the longer you look at it..

Debi said...

Hey Mr. K!

I agree with Ken Mac. It coaxes you into more than a quick view.

This photo keeps going with its incongruent light, and its emptiness that isn't empty at all. Strange.

I see you have changed cameras. How are you liking the Canon compared to the Lumix?

I also like seeing your face up there again. Feels right.

AArtVark said...

Da, incongruent light is Russian light. You steal abstract from Sovietski.

Laurie said...

Your eye is just amazing, K. I would have walked right by this wall but you make it something that Rothko would have tried to paint. This is just a killer shot.

Scott Roeben said...

How does somebody make a wall interesting?