Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'll Send You A Free Photo

Make a $25 (or more) donation to Barack Obama and I'll send you a photo of "Stars and Stripes on Hollywood Blvd." It'll be a high quality 5x7 Epson Archival Inkjet print.

Contact me at kmac999.kevin at gmail dot com or through my website, East of West LA or leave a comment here.

(And yes, this is on the honor system.)


Scott Roeben said...

Cool idea, Kevin! I guess I'll have to read up on this Obama guy.

Anonymous said...

I think Obama will be elected. I think your idea is interesting and wonder how it turns out.

Laurie said...

In that case, you owe me 10 photographs! :-)

This is a fabulous idea, Kevin. (And that picture is so gorgeous it hurts my eyes.)

Lally said...

Count me in for one.

amadea's world said...

That is a great idea, Kevin. I am worried that Obama might not do it.