Wednesday, April 11, 2007

At My Desk With Coffee (#14)

  • If you're sending me e-mails, I'm not getting them. (New computer...incomplete data transfer...all 'round tech troubles that I have little or no ability to solve.)
  • This morning I washed my kitchen floor at 7:45 and had Trader Joes chicken mini-tacos with peach salsa for breakfast.
  • Also this morning I did my good deed for the day (I'll skip the details) and this evening at my door was a small bag containing a large can of baked beans and a small can of creamed corn. Kinda sweet but kinda ridiculous.
  • I'm contemplating three double-features in three days. Tomorrow film noir at the American Cinematheque followed by Westerns at LACMA.
Saturday eve - slowly getting back up to speed. No Photoshop but I've got my e-mail running and Napster is back. Listening to Lightning Hopkins so things aren't too bad.

1 comment:

AArtVark said...

Behind the Iron Curtain, a can of baked beans would have been most appreciated, you ingrate.