Monday, August 07, 2006

Nautical Twilight In West Hollywood

...Q: Is it true that our thoughts affect our outer world?
A: You can say that but you have to stretch a little. In ordinary states of consciousness our thoughts have no effect on reality. But through meditation and creative processes we can reach non-ordinary states of consciousness in which our thoughts affect our reality.
Q: What's the first thing we need to change?
A: It is imperative that people shift their worldview -- that is the very first step.
Q: To what?
A: From the materialistic worldview that "matter is everything," to the worldview that "consciousness is everything." This materialistic world makes almost everything that we covet seem impossible: impossible to love, impossible to be just, impossible to appreciate beauty. Right thinking enables us to recognize that the world is full of possibilities.
Q: So is it our materialistic thinking that makes us unhappy?
A: There are two things that make us unhappy: one is this materialistic worldview. We're separate. Not experiencing wholeness. The second one is that we have not dealt with our negative feelings. No matter how much right thinking we have it all goes down the drain and we become negative.

- Dr. Amit Goswami
as reported by Leslie Dunn

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