Saturday, June 10, 2006

Alley In Venice (Midnight)

Scary. On the other hand, it makes it nice to be home with bbq chicken with pineapples mixed in and am listening to Chet Baker playing West Coast jazz with Gerry Mulligan. You can find it on Amazon (I'm too lazy to link it).


Sabrina_C said...

i always love venice. moreso, i always love the men, but then again, i love the men almost everywhere.

Scott Roeben said...

This photo looks like you've been location scouting for the new "Blade" series.

amadea's world said...

Great Photo.
I wonder how you do it taking photos in the night. Your camera is a lot better than mine, I am sure.
Is it scary walking there in the night? I sometimes take night walks in the forest. The only scary thing I came across once was a stag. I guess, it was one. And it roared. Do stags roar? I was soooo scared and ran back home.